Top 5 Best Windows Keylogger Tools Free

Are you interested in hacking if yes and you want to start hacking the first step which came in mind is to let’s learn how to use keystroke logger and spy software. For those who don’t know what to hell is called USB keylogger, spy keylogger, or hardware keylogger. Here is a post for you to learn what is a keylogger and where to download keyloggers.

What are the Key loggers?

Keyloggers are just like simple software that is specially designed to record each and every keystroke made by the user’s computer or the computer on which keylogger is installed. Some keyloggers automatically send the victims activity to the hacker in the form of text or image screen shorts. You can find more info on Wikipedia. These tools are used to monitor user activity. So for you here are the best free keyloggers for windows and Mac. With download link.

List of all The Best Windows Keylogger Tools


Best in-depth free keyloggers on this list. It doesn’t just record keystrokes it also captures periodic screenshots and captures images by webcam when the user is using any kind of chat programs like Skype etc. And while the user is login simultaneously in applications and webpages.

It is a Windows Keylogger that is designed to help struggling parents that face problems to monitor their children’s. They want to keep an eye on them that what are they surfing on the internet. We can see what apps, websites, and communication they are doing on the internet. The parent is more interested in knowing, what they are communicating through social apps like Kik, Facebook, Viber, Skype, and Whatsapp. Kidlogger also Aids parents to receive the communication footprints in the form of emails. You can monitor up to 5 gadgets using a free version of it. Also, it saves the data up to 9 days in it.

Price: Free; Pro version: 9$ / 3 months (Keeps log history during 30 days; Disk space – 100 MB)

2. SPYRIX Keylogger (Windows)

In the SPYRIX keylogger, some features are missing from the free version. It is Awarded Keylogger. It is undetectable by Antiviruses. It records every keystroke made by the user on the target computer and it takes the periodic screenshots of the target screen. The process of the program is shown in the taskbar and through this keylogger, you can monitor removable flash drives like pen-drives, etc and you can remotely uninstall this software. You can control it from anywhere you are working. You can use Browser or Any web Interface to access it. You will not need any kind of installation in the device to view the log files of the targetted computer on the screen.

Price: Free; Pro version costs $118

3. Elite Keylogger for Windows

It is one of the best windows keylogger software that is working perfectly on windows 10 too. Elite Keylogger is user friendly and easy to install the application. If it is facing any errors, the provider company will help you remotely to resolve your issues. It is very important to save key loss without telling anyone is spying on you, Elite keylogger will do this job very efficiently for you. It will work in silence in the background, without knowing anybody. It also has a keylogger version for MAC.

4. Best Free Keylogger

One of the best keylogger apps is the “Best Free Keylogger”. It is a Userfriendly Software solution that is used to record activities on target computers. It not only do this but also helps in saving logs about keystrokes, browsing history, Chat or massages, and launched apps on the phone. The Overall best feature of this app is Smart Read. This feature allows you to transform irregular sequences of keystrokes into meaningful text. You can get the text files with the help of many means like email or FTP. These features are only included in the premium pro version of the best free keylogger app.

Price: 39$ with support and free updates.

5. Wolfeye Keylogger

One of the nicest keyloggers that are made in German is Wolfeye Keylogger. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. It is also getting updates on a regular basis. It also works well in social apps too. It can capture data from Facebook, emails, chats and other web browsers to have an eagle eye on user activity with just a single click. Unlike SPYRIX keylogger, it is also an innovation award-winning keylogger in the German IT industry. It was selected as the best software for little business setups.

6. Ardamax Keylogger

The Most Amazing with Extra Key features keylogger in my list is Ardamax Keylogger. It not only record the text from an app but also has one or two features that will blow your mind. it can record your audio from the microphone from a target device. It cal also records the video from the webcam to capture different images at regular intervals of time. Apart from this ability, it can record keystrokes, unlike other apps. Ardamax Keylogger has a powerful grip on monitoring activities done on computers. You can keep track of all the things performed there. It allows you to use 7 days of the free trial to test the overall functionality of this app. You can check the full keylogger free of cost.

7. All In One Keylogger

The market is full of free keyloggers available for people to use. But one of the best free keyloggers is All In One Keylogger. It provides you remote access to log in to the system and provide you an awesome experience. You can try All In One Keylogger for free. It can be easily compatible with windows 10 to record all the application activities run on the computer. We can also have a look at the text that is copied to the clipboard recently. It can capture the conversation done on the internet. You can take screenshots and record audio data using the device microphone for authentic proofs. You can also use the camera to record the video by using this free keylogger. It has many Options in User friendly and easy to navigate interface.

Price: 7days Free trial, Pro version costs $69.95

8. Free Keylogger

As you can see from the name of this app, Free keylogger gives you a number of free features that give it an edge on other apps. It is an outstanding keylogger for windows. It makes the readable text from the long stings of massages that are stroked using the keyboard using the deciphering technique. You cal selectively choose the app to record the data privately. So you will save keystrokes data to be saved in the computer. It has a magical feature of uninstalling itself automatically to remove footprints of any recorded activity on your computer.

9. StupidKeyLogger

You can see from the name its stupid, But you must have a look at the actual functions of this keylogger which is the best keylogger among all keyloggers for windows. Its simple and user-friendly interface will let you deal with quite simply. It is used to record user activity done on the keyboard in the form of plain text that is after saved in the Record.log directory. Plain text is decrypted when needed by using the  Utility functions.

Price: Free


If you are searching for complete keylogging service and with additional ability to track multiple computers then this key logger is for you. This key logger gives you the power to track up to 200 other computers on the same network. It has all the features of the key logger and it also has the ability to view the instant messaging activity and many more.

Blackbox Express also has the ability to send email and text alerts whenever a user types a defined keyword. Plus, the interface and setup wizard makes using it a breeze. Blackbox Express does show up in the Task Manager as an active process, so keep that in mind.


On the target computer, it records every keystroke made by the user and it gives you the power to customize the applications startup setting. The best feature of this keylogger is that it can be undetected in nearly all situations and it is password protected to boot

It has the ability to send you the log file to your inbox but this feature is available in the pro version or premium package of 40$.


It is a solid program that features minimal bells and whistles. Log user keystrokes and run on background. DanuSoft Free Keylogger is extremely lightweight and easy to use, which should appeal to novice keylogger users.

Wrapping Up

You have got all the best keyloggers for windows in the above list. if you have any other keylogger then let us know with our comment section. Use these key loggers and hacking tricks for legal purposes or for ethical hacking.

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