7 Best Home Automation Android Apps (2024)

After the Apple’s App store Android is soon gaining the momentum. If we talk about home automation then Android is way behind Apple App store but we can’t say that Android apps are complete useless. Here we will talk about some best Android apps that are useful in home automation.  The Android is a wide market for apps and software’s and it is difficult to find some reliable home automation related apps. Home automation has widely spread its name across various countries and people have started using this technology in their homes for better comfort ability and luxurious life style. The whole purpose of digital home is to make the simpler tasks even easier. Smart phones are the hub for controlling various gadgets of your home through an app. All hubs are not created equally; different hubs are used to support different protocols connectivity. So here we have compiled some best apps that are helpful for supporting home automation gadgets.

1: Icontrol Networks Piper NV

This is a very distinctive safety camera that doubles its area when connected to home automation hub. It also offers night vision camera, a more vigorous camera sensor and quicker processor. It also includes various features like zoom functions, HD clarity video, night vision sensors, tilt, two ways audio and it incorporates with Z-wave devices. It doesn’t include any internal storage. Therefore because of its versatility and flexibility and overall performance this app has become the first choice of the consumers for surveillance camera. The price of this software is near to $250.

2: Home Buddy

This app is used for controlling Z wave devices and it also requires Z wave controller for accomplishing this task. There is one very interesting feature of this app which allows you to create some shortcuts for some actions like switching light on/off. This all can be done on your home screen of the smart phone. This app is available free of cost in Android market.

3: Conductor for Android

This app is available free of cost by Conductor automation. It has a very beautiful user interface for home automation controller. It has the capability of controlling INSTEON appliances and lights, weather, program and scenes if installed in your ISY which is purchased separately.

4: Home Watcher

This app is provided by Samsung and very helpful app in home automation. It provides live widget based control over your home’s TV, HVAC, oven, and refrigerator, dryer and vacuum robot. The refrigerator has integrated grocery manager that has the capability of suggesting you the recipe on the basis of the food you have.

5: Lockitron SMS Friendly Door Unlocker

Lockitron has recently announced it beautiful home automation system of locking and unlocking the door. This can all be accessed through an Android app easily. It also has a single user access control which can be operated through NFC, SMS or knock sensors.  The door unit will connect to the home’s Wifi and then it can be operated through Android app in your smart phone. This app is available under $150 which is little expensive but very reliable for home’s security point of view.

6: Savant Pro App

The Savant app is compatible with all Apple devices and many Android devices as well. This app is best used to make the home automation as simple as possible. This app can help in maintaining the lighting, stereos, thermostats, and many more things from the use of this single app only.

7: Sunshine App

The sunshine app is very accurate in delivering the correct weather at your home. It has the capability of showcasing the personal weather of that particular place instead of showing the weather of that area. Its accuracy depends on the feedback you give so be precise and give as many inputs you can to deliver the best results out of it.

Final Words

So we have enlisted the best possible apps present in the Android play store that will help in making your home more advance and equipped with technology. There are many more apps present in an Android but this is the list of those apps that will help in accomplishing every possible task in your automated home. Therefore these apps are highly recommendable for home automation.

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