GOM VPN Chrome Extension: [Free AddOn] To Unblock Your Favourite Site

While surfing the internet you might encounter sometimes that  “You are not authorized to access those sites.” But with a simple trick, you can easily access those sites and hang around your favorite sites. Gom is a VPN for chrome and has extensions for every browser even you also get access to Gom VPN android version. Which allows you to bypass ISP restrictions hassle free. It bypasses any firewall between your browser and server. If you are wondering how to access blocked sites without using proxy then you can use this trick to bypass Cyberoam or any other firewall just by using Gom VPN.


There are a lot of VPN available to buy at different costs and they are available with different features suitable for users and organizations.

The encrypted interface lets people access different websites and tools without getting compromised on the security. Go away MDA is one of the popular VPN service providers, who are providing services to a lot of organizations on a regular basis.

“Gom uses a mix of tunnelling technologies (SPDY SSL proxies, OpenVPN and IPSEC) to redirect our users’ traffic around firewalls that block access to web servers. We simplify this complicated mix of technology into a simple, and a consistent button that you press when you need to access blocked content.” Source GetGOM

Steps To Bypass Cyberoam 2017 Using GOM VPN

VPN Software’s like ProXPN, PD-proxy and many other takes a lot of time to connect to the remote server and also they operate at very low speed. But GOM VPN can solve all these problems.

GOM is also available for iPhone so you can also use it on your iPhone.

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Those Three Steps To Setup Are:-

  1. Google Chrome extension, Android app, gom vpn Firefox add-on and iOS app are the available versions of this vpn. Go ahead with whichever, you find best fit for you. If you use google chrome then go for chrome extension. Gom is also providing an app for Android as well as for iOS.
  2. You will need a Gmail account to register and login to gom website. So if you have one directly go to gom official website and register then activate your account.
  3. You need to login to gom then after login, they will ask you to “Activate“. That’s it now you are connected to GOM proxy server which means Now you are anonymous !!!!

NOTE: The steps are exactly same if your using the gom vpn iphone version.

These are the simple steps you need to follow to get a fully activated account and gom proxy to access any site on your system.

Didn’t Get It ??? [Watch Video]

Watch the Video for better understanding !!!

GOM VPN is free of cost and is currently the best VPN for chrome.

But if you wish to have more features they also have a Gold membership at a cost of  $19.99/Mo.

Want to know the best part?

They also have another option of buying it once and for all at a price of $149. Just a single one-time payment !!!


Another way is to use cracking software to crack the go away mda android version. Softwares like Lucky Patcher can help you out, just that you need to have the paid version of it, but that’s only an ONE TIME PAYMENT!!

Why Use VPN Over General Network?

Using VPN could help you secure your data and information to a great extent, as VPN or virtual private network is known to provide utmost security all the time. Using VPN could be beneficial and mandatory in most of the organizations, as they cannot compromise on the data security.

Other Alternatives To Go Away MDA VPN

Express VPN – Express VPN is one of the most sought software, which has been used worldwide in most of the organizations.

The tool is considered as extremely reliable and super fast in terms of performance and known for its perfect streaming features. The security and the super fast feature have been widely appreciated, as most of the organizations prefer to use Express VPN for total privacy.

Nord VPN – Nord is best used in IT and Media industry, which provides top-level security to users and ensure to support users around the clock.

The customer or technical support is available through different sources like phone, EMAIL, and live chat. A great balance between security and assistance can help you to access your network in a secure environment.

The service has been rated 9 out of 10 and has become favorite software for people, who are looking forward to experiencing a secured network.

IP Vanish – IP vanish can be considered as the fastest VPN service, as it can be used at any location with an internet connectivity. IP Vanish is ideal for people, who are looking out to use software with a lot of privacy.

The best part of IP vanish is, it does not use 3rd party servers and provides complete security round the clock. IP Vanish has the ability to connect to 850+ VPN services in over more than 60 countries easily, which enhances your experience in web surfing and a quick access to the server.

Pure VPN – Pure VPN is one of the most preferred among security professionals, which comes with a broad range of service locations. The server locations are worldwide, which includes mainland China.

It provides a quality customer and technical support to people at any given point of time, as the support is available 24hours and 7 days a week. The customer support is available to take with the help of live chat, which helps you to fix problems instantly.

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Gom Vpn Problems: BUSTED!!!

1. What sites can Gom VPN work on?

It is important for every VPN service providers for restricting and providing access to the interface. GOM’s network has been widely appreciated for its extended service in terms of performance.

GOM allows people to use different kinds of websites based on the requirement. As it is evident that people prefer to access different kinds of websites

2. Why am I getting a server error (on Chrome)?

Server error is one of the most common errors found in GOM VPN network. There must 3 possible reasons behind getting this error. The internet provider might have blocked GOM’s network or there might be issues with internet connectivity to the server.

Ensure to check with your ISP or internet service provider to get this issue fixed in a quick span of time. If you are having another chrome extension, it might be getting conflicted with the current browser.

Ensure to close all the windows or restart your computer before opening again. Restarting the computer help you to fix this error, as the issue would be based on the connectivity.

  • You can fix by clicking on the GOM’s flying woman icon, which can be seen on the right-hand side of the address bar.
  • Click on manage extensions and try to remove all the extensions available except GOM.
  • Restart the computer and try again

Final Words

Choosing the right VPN service provider to play a major role for most of the organizations, as they would be in need of a private network.

VPN or virtual private network is mainly used to provide enough security to protect the user details, information, and access data.

Every organization looks forward to providing a secure interface, which can be used by every employee to work on a regular basis.

It is important for every organization to pick the right VPN service provider, as quality VPN software can help you to access data quickly and in an effective way.

GOM VPN’s hassle-free interface and free of cost availability have made it one of the best-rated VPNs of 2017. Now that you know how to bypass Cyberoam or any other network firewall to access blocked websites it’s time to share it with your friends.

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