192.168.l.l – Admin Login Why IP is Important?

There are different kinds of internet connections available for users to opt, and it is necessary to track every user in the world of internet on usage. Internet connection would usually be provided by the internet service provider, who shares a separate IP address for every internet connection.

IP Address or an internet protocol address is provided to every internet user to provide internet access with the help of MODEM or Router. It is not necessary for an individual to know their IP address before accessing an internet connection, as most of the tasks related to IP address would be done by the technicians from Internet service provider. You can find your internet connection’s IP address by logging into your router info page on your screen. You can view the details by logging into either or Some of the Internet service providers.

IP Address would be different from one internet connection to other internet connection and takes an important place while locating the user geographically. An IP address is a set of 4 numbers, which are separated by a period. The number could range anywhere between one to three digits and from 0 to 255. You cannot check your IP address by visiting a website online in an accurate way. You can check by going to ‘control panel’ on your computer or by logging into to admin page of ISP. The IP address plays an important role for you to get connected to the internet, as the server can give access with the help of IP address.


There are different types of IP address, which are provided by ISP or internet service provider in general. IP address changes depending on the country, type of connection and the Internet service provider. You can check out different IP address with the help of a lot of resources online, which helps you to find out the origin and the features of the IP address.



Dynamic IP address do not remain constant, where you see a change in IP address every once in a while. The IP address changes based on the time, as the ISP or the internet service, provides gives out a random IP address from a pool of IP addresses. The Dynamic IP internet connection usually changes its IP when you restart the system and try accessing the internet. The major advantage of a dynamic internet connection is cost, where you get to use the internet connection at cheaper costs compared to a static IP address internet connection. The Dynamic IP is used by people, who do not access the internet all the time. The access would be shared between different people from the ISP to maintain the cost and the quality of the service.


A static IP address is used by heavy internet users, who prefer to be online all the time. The cost of the service is higher than the dynamic IP address internet connection, but people get to enjoy a good speed and consistent internet connection all the time. The static IP address is preferred by VOIP users, who look forward to making it easy for other systems to connect by locating them easily. A static IP address provides consistent services with the help of dynamic DNS services, which allows other computers to find your computer with the help of IP address. Static IP addresses are not considered as a secure network, as it is easier to track and use your IP in an easy way.


Internet connection would be established with the help of different types of equipment both in residential and in commercial purposes. The size of the equipment would be huge in commercial but requires a good bandwidth to provide access to different people in the organization. The equipment in the residential houses would be small, but most of the ISPs or Internet service providers offer good bandwidth oriented services at affordable costs. Most of the ISPs provide service with the help of physical wires, which are usually connected to a hub in the nearby location.

The connection would be pulled out from the hub and given to individuals to access the internet in an effective way.

Some of the important equipment to get connected to the Internet


MODEM or Modulator and demodulator are an important device to modulate the digital signals to give access to a computer or any other handheld device. MODEM is usually seen in the residential places, which would be connected to a router and a hub. As technology is evolving on a regular basis, you can see both MODEM and router in a single device.


The router is the device, which lets you access the internet in general. A router helps you connect your computer and allows you to turn off and on based on the requirement. The router comes in two kinds like a wireless and wired router; wireless router helps you connect to the internet without wires. You can use Wi-Fi to get connected from the router without using wires.



You cannot access your router by visiting www. You can access your router page with the help of your ISP and set a password, as it helps you keep people away from using it regularly. You can set the password and share it with your family members, as the password protects your internet from being used by other people. You can login to your admin page by entering either or Use your admin credentials provided by the ISP or the internet service provider to set a password for your router or internet connection.


The IP address is given to certain rules and regulations, and hence, hence it is called Internet Protocol address. You are required to follow the rules and regulation to access the internet. The IP address would be systematically allotted by the internet service provider, which would record your access details to a dedicated server.

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